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Fuck people

Seriously. I'm trying to write stuff and then when I go to my friend for advice she says NOPE YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT. STOP WRITING ABOUT ROMANCE.

Okay cool.

Rude Youtubers

UGH... I have to get this off my chest. Yeah, so this is a rant based on the AMOUNT of rudeness I have seen from some people who are becoming known on Youtube. I'm not gonna name any specific people *cough* Dopefish *cough*. But anyway, it's numerous amount of people who are rude to their viewers. Not all the time but if they ask a simple question that may have been mentioned before, they freak out on that viewer and write a long ass comment about how it was in the description. Uh, sorry? Not everyone reads the description. If they were to WRITE a comment like that to me, I'd be pissed. No joke. Who the hell do they think they are to treat someone like that? Especially indicating that person is an idiot. Honestly? Just because you're getting famous doesn't give you the fucking right to treat people like shit even if they have asked a question that had been answered elsewhere. MY GOD. Just don't answer it.

Don't get me STARTED on Dopefish. I could rant on and on about it. People think he's so amazing because of that dumb Laddergoat video but on his forums he is a complete asshole. As for the others? I prefer to leave their names out of this... I don't want to cause trouble with them. I also hold certain respect for them and will not resort to calling them names. Except Dopefish because he calls his viewers names on a daily basis.


Kelly - tries to hold the clan together but it keeps falling apart.

Flora - she hates school to no end. Best friends with Sweet/Mike and Kelly.

Mike (Should I change his name?) - a noob. Hes silly and cracks jokes.

Lock - :o (noname so far). - a photographer. He acts like a douche in game but is nice in real life.

Kerplunk - womanizer (LOL)

Jess - horse lover. She quit 3 months before hand. She is quite hyper.

Adi - a mother of 5 kids. She is like the mom to everyone.

Jack -boy Flora likes a lot. ;) he hints at liking her too. He is not in the clan.

Hmmm I'm sure about the rest, any ideas?

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Doing one thing a day you hate

When it comes to things like this, I simply cannot do it. I can't bring myself to say a simple "hi" to a friend I have known when I was a kid. We talked quite a bit in 2009-2010, but it slowed down a lot. I don't know why I am like this :S I am not anti-social at all! I am just shy and I think I am bothering people when I talk to them on Facebook chat/MSN. Other people like my online friends are different because I talk to them on a daily basis. It's just some people I can't talk to but once I do, I feel good about myself.

Do one thing you hate doing a day, and it will help you. I am not sure HOW, but I am going to try it for myself.

Perhaps, try to say hi to someone on Facebook chat today (My goal).

I need to get over the fear of thinking I am annoying (hopefully I am not).


Name for zombie story and other issues

I have NO clue what to name it.

Honestly, it's like either Apocalypse or The Clan, which sounds lame. Apocalypse has a deadly aura to it though, so I may stick with that unless a certain someone can help me (Boomayy).

At the beginning, it takes place kinda like after the survivors have been in the dead city for a while... but I don't know how to make it cool and also not revealing the ending.

Zombie Story

I am writing a zombie story! It has my clan/gaming friends in there. Basically, the outbreak happens due to the fact that people found out they can resurrect the dead. The clan, who has been arguing for a long time, end up trying to find each other and get off of Earth and onto the safe planet before the outbreak swallows them too.


Kelly - Online name: Spartan087
Flora - Online name: Pinkie
Mike - Online name - Sw33t
Alan - Online name - Lockdizzle
Greg - Online name - Infantry
Sayuru (Might change :P) - Online name - Genocide
Christine - Online name- Adi
Bryce - Online name - Random

Ummm I may change the usernames! Their usernames, are also code names! Some people have the same names from real life, others don't. I go by the username Kelly087 but the character isn't really based on me, because that would be self-insertion and THAT s bad! Of course I will make up last names... If I even want them.

So far I have this much done:

Chapter 1: 8 pages - Flora's POV

I am still confused about the direction. I want it to be a but before the Outbreak, or maybe a flashback? We'll see.

My friend, Lock

He's kind of my friend... I met him through another friend on Halo. BOY, is he an odd one. Very creepy too. Pinkie and I are like obsessed with sharing to each other what he has said to us through x fire (gaming IM). It's funny because we never take what he says to heart and always just end up being sarcastic towards him anyway. He's fun to talk to, because he doesn't take things seriously either but sadly, there are people out there who do take what he says to heart, and end up not liking him. Why? I think he might say some really mean stuff but why the hell do people take that seriously? It's the internet! It isn't like they can jump through the computer and eat you!

Lock is not like this in RL because of his photography business, I am assuming that anyway. Pinkie and I would love to meet him one day although the three of us live too far to meet. One day we will, and it will be a lot of fun filled with laughter and jokes and just plain making fun of him. He's still a noob. I bet he will take one look at this journal and be like "WTF?" XD Well, I don't blame him.

Weird conversation I have with him on xfire to give you an idea. XD Lock is HIS username that he uses in games.

Me: you twilight luver lolo
Lock: psssh
Lock: no, i just happened to watch them with my gf
Lock: rather, forced to watch
Lock: shes like omgomgogmgogmogmgogmgogmogmggomgogmog team jacob JIZZZ IN YOUR FACE ALAN
Lock: im like KAY


Lock: man, i just saw some sunglasses, and i just thought of an awesome slogan for a company:
Lock: always wear protection. uv protection. ________ sunglasses.
Me: LMAO...

I swear all I say to him is LMAO or LMFAO. I really need to get out more. :P

Haunted houses

One of my family adventures in a Haunted House. Over 120,000 people chickened out. It's located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The house starts off COMPLETE darkness. Things pop up right away pretty much and there are red dot things on the ground to help you around. Of course what happens? We get lost, and this creepy voice says "Turnnnn right." So we do, only for us to be tangled. My Dad went first, then my brother, me, my mom and my sister. I was holding onto my brother's shirt the whole time only to hear him say "Let go of my shirt!" XD but it was weird because he was holding on to my dad's shirt. LMFAO. Anyway, so after chainsaws nearly chopping our heads off, crawling spaces we could barely fit into, and dealing with the darkness, we finally reach the end. My brother says "OH wow!" as in he is not impressed whatsoever, until of course this car pretends to smash into us (There is a clear wall to stop it :P) and he screams. I don't know what he is doing in THAT picture. My dad sure looks scared as hell for someone who doesn't even blink during horror movies.

And at one point we got so lost, my dad bumped into a mirror. Typical him :P I think it scared my sister, who got cut out of the picture by the way. A very interesting vacation indeed, and one that will never be forgotten even if we tried XD Now I can use something to black mail my brother with. lolol.

Sailor Moon - Sleeping Beauty

I have this on fan fiction.net... just so no one is like "OMG STEALER". Don't worry, I post some fan fictions of mine on here... I never thought this idea would get so many favourites! I seriously saw a connection between Sailor Moon and Sleeping beauty! And just so you know, this story is based on the manga version.

Sleeping Beauty


There was a huge celebration going around on the Moon Kingdom, for the Queen Serenity had given birth to a daughter named Usagi. All the kings and queens from all the nine planets came together in order to join the celebration of the newborn princess. The celebration was very beautiful, given the grace of the stars and also the outer planets.

Each planet gave their gift to the princess. Either an item she could use when she got older or something that would protect her from harm. For all the gifts, the infant smiled, the most beautiful smile anyone had ever seen. Yes, a very magical party indeed.

When the three guardians, Luna, Artemis and their daughter Diana were about to give their gifts, something in the door interrupted them with a loud bang. It was the thirteenth guest whom had arrived late at the party.

Metalia. Queen of the dark kingdom.

No one liked her, or trusted her for that matter. She seemed to have that strange personality where she only wanted power and control, or maybe something even more. Queen Serenity invited her anyways, despite protests of other guests but she knew it would cause something if she did not.

Metalia bowed before the cradle and Queen Serenity. "I apologize being so very late," she said. "You thought I wouldn't come, did you Majesty?"

"Just what are you doing here?" Queen Serenity questioned. "Don't you have better things to do then to be here to celebrate?"

"Perhaps I do,"Metalia replied, with a smirk on her face. She looked at the princess. "Such beauty in even an infant... how is that even possible?"The princess smiled at the dark queen, resulting in a powerful ray of light that made Metalia's skin burn. She backed away from the cradle, in shock by what she saw. "So, even she is out to get me?"

"Don't make me laugh,"Queen Serenity repressed, "she's an infant. What could she possibly do to you?"

"You did not see that Light?" Metalia snapped. She put her hands over the cradle. "Such a light, cannot exist."

Queen Serenity stepped forward, grabbing Metalia's arm before doing anything. "If you lay a finger on my daughter, you will be sorry,"she said, angrily. She pushed Metalia back. "Be gone. No one wants you here. I guess it was a mistake to have you as a guest."

"Don't be foolish, Queen Serenity, I did not come here to celebrate,"Metalia said, "I came her to give her a special kind of gift."She whispered some sort of language that could not be decoded. Some guests were in too much of a shock to stop her and others were whispering to each other. "Yes, I give you not a gift but a curse. When she reaches the age of adulthood, she will die."

This announcement caused a commotion, but Queen Serenity remained calm. She knew how to deal with a snake like Queen Metalia. "I order you to leave right now, and if you don't co-operate, I will make you leave by force."

Metalia only laughed at the Queen's threats and disappeared.

"Don't worry, your Majesty," Luna said, stepping up to the cradle, and smiling at the baby. She closed her eyes. "I shall reverse the spell that Metalia has put on Usagi, and instead, she will fall into a deep sleep when she pricks her finger on a spindle for a hundred years. The only thing to awaken her, will be a kiss from a true love. This, princess, is my gift to you."

And so, it begins.

What kind of a story will this be?


Uhhh, wrote this dedicating them to one of my characters.


Looking back at life,
I was never cared for
I was abandoned,
The people I trusted betrayed me
And sold me
On that day, I lost everything

For along time I walked into the darkness
Not being able to find my way out
Round and round, I went in circles
Confused and cold, I forgot what it was like to be human
My emotions crushed, my heart dead

Then you came along,
Smiling at me
I never realized
It was you who knew how I felt
To be abandoned
Losing trust in everyone
And shutting the whole world out
Because of you, I felt humane again.

Tragedies occurred,
Lives were lost
You and I, alive, traveled through the harsh world
Your smile and comfort the only thing I could hold onto

Despite our hard times,
With hand in hand,
We made it through it all.
Darkness may try to overwhelm us
but as long as we have each other,
nothing else really matters.

So now, I must make something of my life,
That promise I made to you long ago was not in vain
I am not going back on my word.
Please don't overlook this gift I am giving you.
The only thing I want, is for you to live
as a human being.
For you have already given me that, a greater
purpose in my life than I have ever known.

This is my sacrifice for you, my sister.