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My friend, Lock

He's kind of my friend... I met him through another friend on Halo. BOY, is he an odd one. Very creepy too. Pinkie and I are like obsessed with sharing to each other what he has said to us through x fire (gaming IM). It's funny because we never take what he says to heart and always just end up being sarcastic towards him anyway. He's fun to talk to, because he doesn't take things seriously either but sadly, there are people out there who do take what he says to heart, and end up not liking him. Why? I think he might say some really mean stuff but why the hell do people take that seriously? It's the internet! It isn't like they can jump through the computer and eat you!

Lock is not like this in RL because of his photography business, I am assuming that anyway. Pinkie and I would love to meet him one day although the three of us live too far to meet. One day we will, and it will be a lot of fun filled with laughter and jokes and just plain making fun of him. He's still a noob. I bet he will take one look at this journal and be like "WTF?" XD Well, I don't blame him.

Weird conversation I have with him on xfire to give you an idea. XD Lock is HIS username that he uses in games.

Me: you twilight luver lolo
Lock: psssh
Lock: no, i just happened to watch them with my gf
Lock: rather, forced to watch
Lock: shes like omgomgogmgogmogmgogmgogmogmggomgogmog team jacob JIZZZ IN YOUR FACE ALAN
Lock: im like KAY


Lock: man, i just saw some sunglasses, and i just thought of an awesome slogan for a company:
Lock: always wear protection. uv protection. ________ sunglasses.
Me: LMAO...

I swear all I say to him is LMAO or LMFAO. I really need to get out more. :P